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Basic Tooltip Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to make this for a while now! It includes the basic tooltip code with notes on how to customize it (that are inside the code!) I’ll make a post about some pre-designed tooltips soon too :)

What are tooltips?

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t seen them, tooltips are the labels that can appear when you hover over links. It’s a nice touch to make your blog look unique or cohesive, and it’s also useful if you want to use symbols for your links but also want a label to appear when you hover on the symbol (so people know what they’re clicking).


Your links, in html, look like this:

<a href=”linkURL”>link title</a>

to start using tooltips on your links, change that format to this:

<a title=”tooltip text” href=”linkURL”>link title</a>

Basic tooltip coding for a tooltip that looks like this:

  1. Add this under <head>

2. Follow the “USE A TOOLTIP” steps in the beginning of this tutorial!

Hey everyone!

Sorry to bring this news but I have to close my ask box for a while. I was expecting to have all this time and energy to get through a lot of questions this break, but I’ve ended up with this strange bronchial illness that’s leaving me super exhausted (led to a trip to the ER…bleh)

My next semester starts on the 14th, so hopefully I’ll be back soon to fill up some of that beginning of the semester free time that goes missing by the middle/end!

Love you guys, thanks for being supportive, I wish I could help you all more currently :) <3

x Abbey

Anonymous inquired: If that's you on your icon pic on the left, then you are absolutely gorgeous!! Are you from Japan? :)

Ohh no that’s not me on the left! That’s Marina from Marina and the Diamonds :) My picture is far down on the right sidebar! I’m not from Japan though, I’m in the US, currently Maine.

But hey guys vacation is in like two days for me! Then I can get to answering some more questions and hopefully start writing some new tutorials and codes for fun, it’s been way too long. :)

littlebit-liberal inquired: Hey, I'm trying to delete the note count on my posts. I've tried just about everything I could in the html and I can't figure it out. My theme is from dolliecrave. If you could help, that'd be amazing.

Go to your html and search ” {notecount} ” or ” {notecountwithlabel} ” or “notecount”, and see if you can find those tags in the section of your html under </style>. Anywhere that those tags are are going to be where your note count is displayed, so depending on which ones you delete will erase the note count from your image posts, or videos, etc! Just pay attention to what is around that {notecount} tag to know what you’re erasing the note count of.

teoteska inquired: The code for rounded corners on images is working - on single image posts. Any hints on getting it to work for multi image posts/ all images on my page?

You’ll have to add the code for rounded corners to your post code, not just your image post code! That should cover it. If your multi image posts still aren’t affected, you might have a separate code for photosets in your theme, in which case you can try adding the rounded corner code to that as well (and that should really cover it then!).

l0vehaus inquired: Hii! I want this - ♔ LA BEAU PARADIS - (my tumblr title) to be a link to my homepage but I don't know how to do it, I was looking for some code or anything all over the internet, but there are only tips how to make banner a link.. Thanks for answer!

You can add a nav link either in your html or as a redirect page! Then just use your text for the link title. This would be added to your main links/navigation. To find your navigation, search “home” in your html (or another link title) and that’s where you can add a new link

Anonymous inquired: r u still doing the blogmakeover giveaway?

nooo that was long ago! Months ago at this point.

br0imhungry inquired: I'm probably going to sound stupid so I apologize in advance but wasn't there a page on tumblr that kind of looked like a blogroll but had every post I ever made in it? I could've sworn I used to have one.

you’re probably thinking about your archive! Right? You do have an archive link and an archive shows every post you ever made so I think that’s it haha

teaisfortwinnings inquired: Could you suggest a site to get images to put between header links? (that doesn't have a massive image url that accompanies google images' pictures?) if that makes sense haha xx

What I do with long URLs is save the image, then upload it into tinypic which gives you a new URL that’s usually pretty short and easy to manage!


Anonymous inquired: hi, do you have any codes/tutorials on adding a "reload" button to your header links, similiar to coutureandchanel's? also, I just want to thankyou for making this blog. It's helped me out so much and given me the ability to make a kickass blog!

To add a “reload” button, either find your “home” link in your navigation or add one! This involves finding the nav links in your html and adding a link there, or you can make a redirect page and have it redirect to your blog’s home page. Then, instead of naming the link “home” or “refresh”, you can use an arrow text symbol like the ones I’ve found here:


And you’re very welcome! Sorry I haven’t been very active at all haha I’ve been totally swamped with finals!

salonte inquired: Hi! Sorry this might be a bit annoying, I've been try for days to fix it. My blog suddenly stopped loading properly, and huge spaces are appearing between posts, all different sizes. It started doing this after I deleted one post. I'm not sure what's happening and I was just wondering if you'd ever encountered anything like it before.

It’s honestly usually a loading thing (unless of course people are fiddling with their code!) In your case I think it’s a loading issue on your computer— when I visit your blog it’s totally fine and everything appears normally.

sweet---disaster inquired: How can i update a page. Like im making a new blog and i want a page separately for my writings. But i dont know how to update a page and keep what I've had on there before?? (I really dont want them with my reblogs on the home page)

Keep what you had on there before?

If you’re talking about a tagged page, you can only have one tag linked to that page, you can’t mix two. But maybe you’re just talking about making a redirect page in the first place?

enchntedd inquired: how do i make the slime on the top of my blog not be behind my postes? i used the code on your blog :)

change the z-index of the slime to a much higher number! The higher the z-index the closer to the “front” of your blog it will appear— like the order that your graphics/posts appear in. If the slime or border has a higher z-index than your posts, it will appear in front. :)

Anonymous inquired: I added an extra page on my blog so I could post my own personal pictures but I don't like how the photos are in only one column. Do you know of any links that would allow me to have 3+ columns?

Are you just adding your pictures to a regular page instead of making a redirect page and tagging them? If you do the redirect page, the personal pictures will orient themselves like the rest of your blog and you’ll be able to like and reblog them. If you insert images to a page, they’re going to form one column unless you go into the html of that page and change the size of the image!

To do that, click the “html” button on the right side of your page when you’re making the page, and after you insert your image find the image link. It’ll look like this:

<img src=”imageurlhere”>

to change the size, add a width code to that image link like this:

<img src=”imageurlhere” width-=”40”>

then see what that does to the size of your image by clicking the html button once more! It’ll return you to the normal page where you can view the image.

emerrald inquired: i like your signature tutorial. but i wan' ask; can someone change use a signature of your choice, instead of the one you've got. like i wan' use my name is it possible ? xD

yeah of course! All you need to do is replace the words “your signature here” with whatever you want in the second step of this post.